Originally from South Florida, Nico is a Jacksonville, FL based artist, creative director, and youth empowerment enthusiast. After attending the BaK Middle School of the Arts, and the Dreyfoos High School of the Arts in South Florida, she moved to Jacksonville to study at the University of North Florida. She left UNF after a few years to focus on art, and has since painted various murals around the city and developed various mural and arts initiatives including a project, the Jax Kid’s Mural Project, through which she leads a team in designing and painting murals with underprivileged students in Title 1 schools of Duval County. Her main focus is providing creative support for children and residents in Jacksonville from all over the city as a means to uplift and inspire communities in need. Nico also seeks to aid other artists in the progression of their individual careers through connections and sourcing of jobs. Beyond working with children, communities in need, and other artists, her current personal focus is on creative direction in various forms, progressive mural productions, and exploration of the relationship between art and technology.

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