Few & Far 4 Year Anniversary : Ode to Oakland Wall from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Few & Far at Art Basel, Dec. 2014 from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Art Basel is America's largest art fair, taking place annually each December in Miami, Florida, with thousands gathering from around the world to view the spectacle. Few and Far has gone out to paint a mural each year since its inception, and this one is their largest to date. At roughly 30' tall and over 90' wide, this wall was an amazing way for each of them to grow as artists and collectively show the world who they are: a crew of diversely talented female mural painters with a multitude of backgrounds, who work together to complete beautiful productions. Thanks for watching and see you next year!

Song: Edited version of Crystal Castles, "Vietnam"

Few & Far X Ironlak Road Trip Tour 2012 from Lea Bruno on Vimeo.

The Few&Far ladies painted, skated and partied their way from Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, San Diego down to Tijuana Mexico.

Few and Far

JJ – Still
M.I.A feat. Missy Elliot & Rye Rye – Bad Girls
Sizzla – Solid as a Rock
Ojos De Brujo – Calé Bari

Few & Far 2011 from MTN COLORS USA on Vimeo. presents Few & Far 2011

Few and Far is a movement that brings together talented women who are involved in graffiti and street art from all over the world. Few and Far connects women by creating social and artistic exchange, by showcasing art on the streets, on walls and in other high profile venues. Few and Far fosters and celebrates the power and talent of female street artists. Importantly, Few and Far consists of a team of open minded, highly creative, cutting edge, talented and dedicated women. We seek to expand this movement with the involvement of more and more women around the globe, and hope to highlight their commitment to their craft.

Few & Far Female Skate Jam 2011 from Few & Far Women on Vimeo.

Few and Far women brings you yet another exciting video of ladies shredding and painting. This was our first skate event, stay tuned for the 2012 Jam. This was not a contest, this was a gathering to celebrate our love for skateboarding.

Few and Far Women from bazookafilms77 on Vimeo.

This video was a six day multiple city project put together by graffiti artist Meme. Filmed edited by Jaime Sanchez and artist Agana. Contents of video: Group art show at Art Primo SF, Murals, Painting live at Oakland street festival, Bombing with nine girls in Oakland, Twerk team take over, A whole car, Drinking champagne while Jazzercise bombing at 4am with fire works. Enjoy!

Instagram: @Fewandfarwomen @Memesweets @bazookafilms77 @Dj_agana @Jennielee143 @Erin_yoshi @Gloriamuriel @ironlak

Shot/Cut: Jaime Sanchez @bazookafilms77

Soundtrack by
1. Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff
2. The Misfits-London Dungeon
3. Toro y Moi – New Beat
4. Little Dragon – Place To Belong
5. TV Carnage – Shape Up With Jazzercise
6. The Rapture – Whoo! Alright! Yea__ Uh huh_
7. Frank Sinatra – Thats Life