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Grafiteras Flyer_Back

Grafiteras Flyer_Front

July 13th, 2017 OAKLAND, CA — On Friday August 18th, 6-10pm famed graffiti and street artists Toofly (NYC), and Dime (OAKLAND) team up for GRAFITERAS, a collaborative exhibition, installation, pop-up, and art workshop all in one. GRAFITERAS will be held at EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center, a grassroots organization of third world artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color.

GRAFITERAS is a multi dimensional exhibition that seeks to connect and build bridges between Raza artists from the east coast and west coast. Both artists exemplify sisterhood, latinidad, graffiti and have served as vital agents of influence for legions of women driven to rise in today’s art world.

Both women were raised in the tumultuous 90s era. Toofly hails from Corona, Queens NY, Dime from Oakland, California. As young graffiti artists they made their mark in a male dominated graffiti scene. The challenges of being immigrant and brown women did not deter their journey of self-discovery. In fact, it influenced the trailblazing art they create today. They were determined with mucho corazon which comes from instinctual feelings of love and community. Through their art, they not only represent themselves but the dreams, ideals and instincts of women, particularly Raza women.

Over the years they have carved out an important artistic space at the intersection of street graffiti, murals, and exhibitions—on their own terms, staying true to their roots and love for community. Eventually, the forces of the universe brought them together as grafiteras.

To be “Latina” or to be “Raza” in America means you celebrate two or more cultures through language, art, cultural traditions, music, and food. As daughters of families who at one point migrated to the states in search of greater opportunity and economic security, both women understand the power of their art in telling the story of immigrant families. In the face of struggle in a country of institutionalized racism, racial profiling, and an anti-immigrant legal systems, Toofly and Dime respond with art that uplifts, engages and promotes the inclusion of their communities. They have faced racism, and discrimination and so have their family members and peers. It is part of their lives and what gives them a thick skin in the face of adversity. This is what makes women strong, what makes them warriors. They are part of a growing generation of people of color who stand up for what they believe in and will weaponize their art to share their truths. Resistance is part of their culture, it’s in their blood.

Today, “Latina Americanas” like Toofly and Dime, are also spreading their craft into the broader society as educators, designers, educators, and community organizers. It has become the path of self determination for women artists who hold the roles of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aspiring professional storytellers. As grafiteras they have a complex story that speaks volumes of the strength and love that is needed to inspire and move society. GRAFITERAS is a powerful initiation to the complexity of what it’s like to grow up in America, and how Raza and many other cultures find a way to stand up, rise, and shine through it all.

Join us! Let’s celebrate women artists today who are the rainbow warriors of the new world.

As part of a 10 day artist residency, Toofly who visits from Ecuador, will host a #TooflyWorkshop on August 19th, 2017 at EastSide Arts Alliance from 12pm-3pm. Sign-up:

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Few & Far 5th Year Anniversary Block Party

June 4th, 2016 held significance and was a major milestone for Few and Far. Five years ago on that date – Meme, Founder of Few and Far, organized a massive mural project in Oakland and pulled together a group of women from all over the United States. Since then, members of Few and Far have created numerous murals across the globe, building with and empowering communities worldwide. Our collective is now comprised of 17 talented female artists that include women from Nepal to Ecuador. Every year the group gets together to celebrate that anniversary, and their hard work and achievements by creating large scale murals in different communities.

This June 4th weekend, the mural took place in Sacramento, in the alley of 24th and S streets in midtown. The Few and Far ladies were joined by10-15 other female artists from different cities and states, roughly totaling 22 muralists who painted all weekend. It was kicked off by a neighborhood block party featuring local vendors, Dj’s, and live mural painting which took place on a sizzling hot Saturday in June and was well attended by the community and neighbors. This was the 3rd Few and Far organized mural on this wall. img_3107
















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Artists that particapated : Kazzilla, Mavel, Deity, Dime, Imagine, Agana, Meme, Ursula X. Young, Beth Emmerich. Guest artists: Les, Clove, Nico, Itse, Molly Devlin, Sheva, Money, Melissa Uroff, Lakakina510.  Huge thanks to our sponsors Ironlak Sparypaint, Hot Italian Pizza and the Round Conner.  Thanks to our community and surrounding neighborhoods for your support with this mural project.

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Keep it moving

Our Apologies that we are so behind on our blog the last few months, aside from us working and doing murals its truly a challenge to keep up on all the social medias, traveling, painting and skateboarding.

We appreciate all of our supporters!! To keep up to date with all our current projects and events please follow us on instagram as @FEWANDFARWOMEN  We have some great projects coming up, stay tuned!!

Picture 8


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Meeting Of Styles San Francisco 2015

Few and Far were recently invited to take part in the San Francisco Meeting of Styles, a weekend of international graffiti and street art which took place over four blocks in the Mission district of San Francisco. Spanning the alleys of Osage and Lilac from 24th-26th streets, hundreds gathered to give the alleys fresh paint. Representing Few and Far were Deity, Ursula X Young, Agana, Ksra, Dime & Meme who chose a 60’s psychedelic theme to give Osage and 25th some flower power, a nod to San Francisco’s colorful history.


meme 89






Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.17.14 PM


Photos by: Bazookafilms77, Ursula X. Young and Meme

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Few and Far Art Basel Video

Few & Far at Art Basel, Dec. 2014 from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Art Basel is America's largest art fair, taking place annually each December in Miami, Florida, with thousands gathering from around the world to view the spectacle. Few and Far has gone out to paint a mural each year since its inception, and this one is their largest to date. At roughly 30' tall and over 90' wide, this wall was an amazing way for each of them to grow as artists and collectively show the world who they are: a crew of diversely talented female mural painters with a multitude of backgrounds, who work together to complete beautiful productions. Thanks for watching and see you next year!

Another amazing year of painting a huge mural with the women of Few and Far. This years theme was an electric underwater world, which we painted over 4 days during Art Basel: one of the worlds largest art events that happens over a week every December in Miami. Our wall was one of the largest all-female collaborations in the Wynwood district, with 16 Few and Far artists from various parts of the country and globe painting together on this mural.

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2014 Few and Far Recap


2014 for Few and Far has been unmistakably our most active and progressive year yet!!

This year we added two artist’s to our crew Kazilla located in Miami and Deity from Los Angeles. Our Few and Far family has risen to 20 women, our team includes skateboarders, painters and photographers.

As you may know we are an all-female based crew. We have made huge strides in our continued support for women and girls, helping to build independence while leading by example: that women can work together as a team and create a big impact throughout the graffiti and street art. We are proud to say our charity events have really uplifted us as a crew and as individual artists. Few and Far prides itself on inspiring young peoples lives as well as empowering all females to follow their dreams and goals no matter how challenging the obstacles might be.

Skateboarding has also been a focus for us this year and we have five Few and Far women that are active skaters. We have been a part of several all-girl skate events over the last 3 years. We will be holding another skate event this summer in Northern California – stay tuned about updates about that event.

2015 Few and Far is focused on spreading our art and charity work further afield, to more corners of the United States and all across the world. We hope to continue to make a difference in people lives world wide with our art and youth events.

We will also be looking for a few more women and girls to add to our hard working team of talented women.
We appreciate your support over the years! We are motivated by the outpouring of positive feed we have received by fans and supporters from around the world and now Few and Far Thanks You from the bottom of our hearts!! – Few and Far


Beth Emmerich:



Erin Yoshi:

Erin Ashford:

Gloria Muriel:




Jenn Ponci:



Ursula X. Young:



2014 events:

Seattle group Art Show:

Staying True Art Show

Girl Skate Party

10390103_10202905931468259_7290896726292843170_n 10358574_10203281595659629_7778164193429452309_n

Tijuana Event –



Clogged Caps:

photo 2-12

photo 3-4

photo 4-6

Art Basel:
photo 2-11


Few & Far


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#Sleepless in Seattle

Here is a montage of images from our mini North West tour that happened in honor of our 3rd anniversary party held in Seattle at the Bombsheller Gallery. More Here

On this beautiful sunny Seattle afternoon, participating artists… 179, Merlot, Meme, Dime, Deity, Ksra, Erin Ashford and Jenn Ponci all came together and painted a mural at Mudbay finishing within 3 hours followed by a celebration dinner and drinks.Some of the girls hadn’t seen each other for over a year! The next day the girls took Meme to a skater-built skatepark under a bridge in an industrial area of the city.

photo 4

photo 5 skate park

The next activity filled day had us meeting with female street-artist No Bonzo</em> from Portland, OR. Enjoying a walk in the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest, we followed a daisy lined trail to a hidden wall where we painted.

photo 3

bonzo 2

photo 3
Merlot, Deity, Dime

photo 4

FNFbombsheller-33 Bonzo

That night it rained heavily, but we didn’t let that spoil our nighttime fun. We did a Few and Far spellout on this trackside. photo

In the morning it was all about preparing for our 3rd Anniversary art show later that evening. Our nails were done by MaryJane Cha at TopCoat. We also had our hair styled and make-up done.

photo 1 Getting our hair did.

photo 5

Rushed into the party bus we arrived in style to the show.
photo 3
Then We jumped into an oldschool car for our photoshoot.

photo 2 Deity and Dime

photo 3

After a crazy night of festivities we opened our crusty eyes still wearing last nights makeup and our hair glued in the same position it was slept on. We began the journey to Canada, hoping nothing would stop us from getting into Vancouver. It worked! Our friends from the North, SONE, ENSOE, THEME, took us to paint. But really we cracked clam jokes, laughing for hours, inspired by the use of clam juice in the Bloody Mary’s.
photo 1

photo 2 Clam drinks

photo 4

Day 2: In Canada found us painting under a bridge, without much opportunity for good photos, but you get the idea.

photo 1

photo 5

photo 5

After, we took some time out to visit sunbathing turtles and koi fish at a nearby gorgeous Chinese Garden. photo 1

photo 1

photo 2


On the World Wide GO SKATE DAY, Sone took us girls to paint and skate at his local skate park. It was a beautiful place surrounded by bright green trees. We had a great time painting and headed home.

photo 3
Meme found a special place to relax and think about her trip.

photo 3 Meme photo by Merlot

photo 4
Meme photo by Merlot

photo 3 Ensoe

photo 2 179

photo 1 Sone

image Deity and Theme

photo 1 Merlot and Meme

photo 4 Meme

photo 2

Back in Seattle, DEITY was asked to paint a van for the PRIDE parade.


Meme split ways with the girls, continuing her road trip south. In Oregon she skated 5 parks, meeting with other Few and Far members along the way.


image_2 Lunch break



photo 5

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

It was a great trip. Stay tuned for updates on our many upcoming projects.

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Twitter and IG @artartboom

WHEN: 5pm – 7:30pm | Wednesday, June 18th
Come joins us!!


1. Mural Event @ 522 Queen Anne Ave. N.
(the new MudBay location!)
2. Gallery @ 424 Queen Anne Ave. N. (visit for more info!)

– LIVE MURAL, Piece of the Sky ( during the Uptown Artwalk by local graffiti artists: Few and Far, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer ( & John Osgood (

– Youth/teen art activities by The Vera Project

– Skateboard clinic & demo by Skate Like a Girl

– GALLERY SHOW, Hi-Technique: Beyond the Glass Wall by Few and Far Women

– Donate to the mural, show or gallery by visiting
– Check out our awesome sponsors!

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New Few&Far Video!

Few and Far Women from bazookafilms77 on Vimeo.

This video was a six day multiple city project put together by graffiti artist Meme. Filmed edited by Jaime Sanchez and artist Agana. Contents of video: Group art show at Art Primo SF, Murals, Painting live at Oakland street festival, Bombing with nine girls in Oakland, Twerk team take over, A whole car, Drinking champagne while Jazzercise bombing at 4am with fire works. Enjoy!

Picture 8









View on youtube HERE
Instagram: @Fewandfarwomen @Memesweets @bazookafilms77 @Dj_agana @Jennielee143 @dime_una @Erin_yoshi @Gloriamuriel @ironlak Sponsors: Ironlak

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