Women Refining the Art of the Streets

Maverique Style House Salon Mural


Maverique Style House wall commissioned by Tattoo Artist Jenn Ponci, and Few and Far Founder Meme. The wall is located in Midtown Sacramento, California on 19th and I streets. The owners of the salon, Shannon and Michael, gave the ladies complete freedom to involve artists of their choice. Artist Ursula X. Young, Graffiti writer Miss Reds, and tattoo artist Beth Emmerich, were chosen to participate in this project. Ursula X. Young hand painted a beautiful framed woman in the middle of the mural. Miss Reds designed and spray painted all the lettering, as well as painted butterflies and flowers. Beth contributed the flowing peacock feathers between the frames. Jenn Ponci painted the woman with the fancy hat, and the dapper gentleman characters, as well as background designs. Meme painted orchids, pansies, and a bird that brought everything all together to complete the vintage-salon themed wall.

To accommodate the salon’s busy schedule and parking restrictions, the ladies painted many late nights using their spotlights in down to 22 degree weather. Working against the porous rough texture and large groves all over the brick wall. The salon stylists and employees were gracious and helpful throughout the process, offering beverages and access to their facilities when needed. This mural was enjoyable and rewarding for the ladies involved, and they extend their gratitude to Maverique Style House.










Mavrique wall

Photos: Jenn Ponci and Meme
Many thanks to Dj Whores, Shawn Turner and Erin Yoshi.

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