Women Refining the Art of the Streets

Few and Far bring Warrior Women to Art Basel Miami 2013!


Few&Far just returned from Art Basel Miami, where we represented Ecuador, California, Florida and New York City. We ended up scoring a bigger and more prominent wall than originally planned in central Wynwood, painting the outside of a slot machine refurbishing factory. Big thanks to the owners of the building, our sponsors Ironlak and Luna Rienne Gallery, and photographer Alexadra Henry! Being one of the few all-women walls in Wynwood this year, we got lots of great feedback, and our uniquely different strong feminine styles meshed together seamlessly on a Miami-turquoise background that popped for blocks. Four large female characters by Kazilla, Ursula X Young, Toofly, Deity, and lettering by Agana now grace the walls of 375 NW 24th street on a mural entitled “Warrior Women”. Incidentally this year ‘Wynwood Walls’ showcased women artists, including Toofly, in their gallery show: ‘Women on the Walls’. This was an important year for the women of Few&Far to be representing. The wall is dedicated to the legendary Nelson Mandela, who passed away at the start of the project. Thank you again to all who joined and supported!

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
― Nelson Mandela

axh8Photo by Alexandra Henry

ax4Photo by Alexandra Henry

ax17Ursula X. Young Photo by Alexandra Henry

ax18Photo by Alexandra Henry

ax19Toofly. Photo by Alexandra Henry

4D1C1747Photo by Agana

4D1C1773In progress Photo by Agana
4D1C1989Photo by Agana

4D1C2176Photo by Agana

4D1C2141Photo by Agana

4D1C2173Photo by Agana

4D1C2195Photo by Agana

4D1C2196Toofly x Agana colab. Photo by Agana

4D1C2209Kazilla. Photo by Agana

4D1C2198Photo by Agana

4D1C2212Diety. Photo by Agana

IMG_3330Photo by Agana

4D1C2299Other Miami wall collaborations with Agana!

4D1C2386Another awesome piece and photo by Agana
Martha-Cooper-Few-and-FarPhoto by Martha Cooper.

Women-on-the-Walls-WynwoodWomen on the Walls featuring Toofly

Toofly-Woman-on-the-Wall-WynwoodToofly at Women on the Walls

Few-adn-Far-Alexandra-HenryPhoto by Alexandra Henry

FewandFar-Basel-2013tooflyPhoto by Toofly

Thank you Ironlak!ironlak_logo_white.ai



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