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Few & Far 5th Year Anniversary Block Party

June 4th, 2016 held significance and was a major milestone for Few and Far. Five years ago on that date – Meme, Founder of Few and Far, organized a massive mural project in Oakland and pulled together a group of women from all over the United States. Since then, members of Few and Far have created numerous murals across the globe, building with and empowering communities worldwide. Our collective is now comprised of 17 talented female artists that include women from Nepal to Ecuador. Every year the group gets together to celebrate that anniversary, and their hard work and achievements by creating large scale murals in different communities.

This June 4th weekend, the mural took place in Sacramento, in the alley of 24th and S streets in midtown. The Few and Far ladies were joined by10-15 other female artists from different cities and states, roughly totaling 22 muralists who painted all weekend. It was kicked off by a neighborhood block party featuring local vendors, Dj’s, and live mural painting which took place on a sizzling hot Saturday in June and was well attended by the community and neighbors. This was the 3rd Few and Far organized mural on this wall. img_3107
















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Artists that particapated : Kazzilla, Mavel, Deity, Dime, Imagine, Agana, Meme, Ursula X. Young, Beth Emmerich. Guest artists: Les, Clove, Nico, Itse, Molly Devlin, Sheva, Money, Melissa Uroff, Lakakina510.  Huge thanks to our sponsors Ironlak Sparypaint, Hot Italian Pizza and the Round Conner.  Thanks to our community and surrounding neighborhoods for your support with this mural project.

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Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2015

See more here IASC

The International Skateboarding Hall of Fame was created in 2009 by Todd Huber, proprietor and co-founder of SKATELAB skatepark and museum in Simi Valley, California.

“I’m the biggest fan of skateboarding, ever, and I noticed that waterskiing had a Hall of Fame. So I thought skateboarding deserves its own Hall of Fame as well,” said Todd Huber, adding: “The award has been growing steadily and is now in its sixth year. And looking around the room, all the key people in skateboarding are here tonight. That really says something about what we are doing for skateboard history.”

This sentiment was echoed by the master of ceremonies, 1970s professional skateboarder Dave Hackett who reminded the audience: “We are all privileged to have been able to follow our hearts and dreams into skateboarding.”

For the first time in Hall of Fame history, this year’s list of inductees also included professional skateboarders from the 1990s – Elissa Steamer and John Cardiel – because the period in time that is now eligible for the historic award.


2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees:
1960s Brian Logan
1970s Era One – Henry Hester
1970s Era Two – Duane Peters
1980s Era One – Neil Blender
1980s Era Two – Chris Miller
1990s John Cardiel
1970s Female – Robin Logan
1980s Female – Cara-Beth Burnside
1990s Female – Elissa Steamer
2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Recipients:
Steve Van Doren
James O’Mahoney
Tracker Trucks

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Few And Far Women at TEDxSJSU


We will have an art exhibit and live painting during this wonderful event about Diversity.
MAY 4th, 5:30- 11:30pm-
If you still have yet to purchase your ticket to TEDxSJSU, be sure to visit www.brownpapertickets.com Don’t delay — this event is guaranteed to sell out!

Make sure to look for FEW AND FAR!

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Few and Far at Art Basel

Thank you to everyone that donated to our mural project in Wynwood at Art Basel 2014!!
Thanks to our sponsors: Ironlak Spray Paint, System Krush and LEBO .


We just back from another amazing year of painting a huge mural with the women of Few and Far. This years theme was an electric underwater world, which we painted over 4 days during Art Basel: one of the worlds largest art events that happens over a week every December in Miami. Our wall was one of the largest all-female collaborations in the Wynwood district, with 16 Few and Far artists from various parts of the country and globe painting together on this mural.

FEW AND FAR Artist’s that painted on this years Art Basel Wall in Wynwood:
Agana, Dime, Deity, Hops, Jenn Ponci, Kazilla, Ksrea, Meme, Merlot, Ursula X. Young, Toofly and 179.
Guest Artist: Ms.Kee, Mavel, RPZ, Sliver.

Special Thanks to: Kings Auto, AUB Crew, CBS Crew, MSG crew, FDC crew, Delvs, Nico and Lauren Avery, Cristina Rivera, Luke Shirlaw, Jaime Gonzalez and Jade!!

Videographer/Photographer: “AC” Alison Casey

Video coming soon!

hi ali resized

meme organizing paint 1 resized

photo 4-6

kazilla at sunset

ursula with paintbrush resized

view through scaffold resized

dime resized

Picture 10




bathroom resized

photo 1-9


Picture 12

diety sketching resized

mark meme bw 2 AB 2014

photo 5-6

kazilla w- bokeh cans bw AB 2014

progress shot night f&f  1 AB 2014_

painting under full moon adona 2

FNF Crew

Picture 11

10409671_10152965368493128_5652856926245272558_n photo 2-11


sunset reflection resized

aubs finished AB 2014 1

side view wall with moon resized

wall and clouds resized



Check out our interview from Miami New Times

Other photos by: Toofly, Ursula X.Young, Agana, Jaime Gonzalez, Meme, 179, Cristina Rivera.

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Skate MD, Healing Hearts Through Skateboarding

“Few and Far Women At : The SkateMD, Healing Hearts Through Skateboarding”

On Saturday, November 8, 2014, twenty special children and thirty-five volunteers gathered at 28th & B Skate Park in Sacramento, CA for the inaugural SkateMD one-on-one skateboard clinic. SkateMD is a Sacramento-based organization recently founded recently by Melanie Tillotson (the “M”) and Andrea “Drea” Bibelheimer (the”D”). Inspired by each other’s personal passions and contributions to at-risk and special needs youth, Melanie and Drea joined forces as “partners in kind” with a mission to heal hearts by spreading kindness and skateboarding to special populations of children facing developmental, physical, emotional or family challenges. Mel and Drea set out to empower children with exercise, positive interactions and fun while increasing compassion and support within the community.






SkateMD’s first event was an amazing experience and was met with smiles all around, tears of joy from several parents, and nothing but positive feedback from parents, participants, and volunteers. Over twenty local skateboarders partnered one-on-one with youth participants with physical and developmental challenges including Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Paralysis. Also on hand were local physical therapists, medical and emergency personnel, and photographers.










Many milestones were reached on this special day. An adorable five year old with paralysis skateboarded for the first time following the example of his two skateboarder mentors who sat on their bottoms and moved along the parking lot using their hands. Once he got going, he was attacking the ramps with a huge smile. A fourteen year old high school girl with Cerebral Palsy had a dream to ride a longboard to high school like her classmates. By the end of the clinic, she was cruising around the park and surprised herself with her abilities. A six year old with Autism was able to enjoy skateboarding for three hours despite being faced with situations which usually trigger behaviors in other environments. His parents commented that he hates loud noises, being touched, and wearing anything on his head; he was subject to all of those circumstances at the clinic but was fully able to enjoy skateboarding. His parents and grandparents were moved to happy tears as he was one of the last children to quit skateboarding for the day. There are seventeen other little stories of small victories and pure joy.

Photos, posts, and emails continued into the following week with nothing but positivity and gratitude. The mother of an 11 year old boy with Autism commented to Mel and Drea that they performed a “Mitzvah”, which she described as “a deed so kind that God is smiling on you”. SkateMD volunteers were indeed kindness champions!


Mel and Drea would like to thank the following donors and volunteers:
Board Rescue who supported our efforts and share our vision with their mission to improve lives through skateboarding. Black Label Skateboards, Lowcard Mag, Hangtown Skate Shop, Parttime Skateboards, and Gina Cerruti for donations of gear and raffle prizes. Thank you to Wes Davis Photographer and Hannah Greene for photography and to Blake Swain for filming (we can’t wait to see all of the beautiful moments captured!). Chick-fil-A Arden Fair and Peet’s Coffee & Tea Alhambra for yummy lunch and coffee. Matt Pailes and the 28th & B Skate Park. Marci Pope at Chico State University who referred her recreational therapy students to volunteer. Ryan Carpenter for our super sweet logo. And, we could not have done it without all of our amazing volunteers who woke up early Saturday morning to take part: Amy Pine, Sissy Swain, Eden Nielsen, Heather Wright, Sarah Sullivan, Alej Hartle, Jonas Ely, Edith Ayala, Scott Bailey, Allan Barclay, Todd Bouchier, Keaton Bolby, Gina Cerruti, Jared Coble, Meleah Cordero, Ralph Cota, Shawn Fosnight, Tommy Genovese, Clint Osternberg, Maryjane Parrish, Kelley Rogers, Tyler Rossi, Robert Sharpe, Kailen and Matt Sullivan, Geoffery Tillotson, Jason Wright, Marty Radan, Garrett Thompson, Jon Yunker, and Erik Bibelheimer. And last but not least, a very special thank you to Erik Nielsen who went the extra mile to individualize the coaching plans for each child.

Photo’s by: Gemini Photo Co.





Everyone involved was greatly impacted by the project and event. These are not just children. Our volunteers are not just skaters. This is more than skateboarding. And fortunately, this is just the beginning. The next clinic is scheduled for late January and families are eager to participate again. To support future SkateMD clinics and activities, please donate using PayPal at skatemd.healinghearts@gmail.com. SkateMD is currently applying for 501c(3) non-profit status.

Skate MD Healing Hearts

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“Helping Hands Over The Border Project”

September 28th, 2014 Meme from F&F set out to do an event in Tijuana Mexico. After Meme’s latest adventure to Tj, she decided she wanted to do some type of charity event for the youth of the city. Meme found help from a local Tj artist that goes by the name of Tfour.

Tfour found the location and helped organize by getting all the kids together for this event. System Krush is an organization helping spread the positive message of music to youth all the way in West Africa as well as world wide. System Krush was a physical sponsor for the “Helping Hands Over The Border Project”.

photo 1-3

photo 3-2

We also had a free raffle giveaway for everyone that wanted to participate. We had free clothing, skate boards, decks, wheels and much more donated to the kids and teens at our event.

Thank you to our sponsors: Ironlak, System Krush, Lurk Hard, Bandit 1sm, Mahfia Tv, Low Card Magazine, Smog City, Saba Anna Swim wear. and everyone that donated to this event!

photo 4

Crossing the border into Tj on foot while carrying all the donated goods. Meme hurt her knee messing around. Each person helped carry so much we were all rushing to get to the cabs and head to our hotel. Artist Beth Emmerich got very sick and was unable to help with the event the next day.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2

photo 5-4


photo 4

photo 2-3

photo 4-2

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

photo 2-7

We were making friends while in line at the border on our way back into California.

photo 1

photo 2

The children where so grateful of all the gifts they had received!! THANK YOU to everyone contributed to the youth in Tijuana Mexico.

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