“Ode to Oakland” Few&Far 4 year Anniversary

Few & Far 4 Year Anniversary : Ode to Oakland Wall from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Artists in this mural include:
Agana, Beth Emmerich, Deity, Dime, Kazilla, Jenn Ponci, Meme, Ursula X. Young.
Guests Artists: Delvs, Flora Sheva, and Miss Kee.

F&F is an all-female art collective, which boasts artists from around the country who travel around the world. Along with three Bay Area artists, 13 women flew in from across the U.S. to paint this massive wall. The project held special significance to the women because June 2015 marked the fourth year since the collective’s inception. Travelling the world to help those less fortunate through teaching and art, has been the group’s mainstay; this wall was all about celebrating the spirt that has brought them all together. Show info HERE

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Few and Far painting at Crocker Art Museum


Sol-Collective teamed up for another great event for Sacramento youth called “The Teen Take Over”
Meme, Beth Emmerich and Jenn Ponci painted live also hung out with the youth at the Take Over last week at The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento CA.

The Take over was a major summer bash celebrating the art, vision, and culture of local youth. DJs AmpONE and Love Poison from Sol Collective, SAYS poets, Project4Trees, The Hungry, Crow Canyon, and hip-hop dancers will light up a main stage. Check out a graffiti demo among regional aerosol artists, skateboard demos from 28th and B Street Skatepark and Few and Far on a quarter pipe, and Kendama ladder competitions presented by Metropolis Comix. Plus screenprinting, hip hop dance tours in the galleries, a creative careers lounge, and more!







The Crocker Art Museum

All Images are under copyright of FewandFarWomen.Com

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Meeting of styles SF

Few and Far has been invited to Meeting of Styles in San Francisco, Ca. Septomber 18th, 19th, 20th. 2015

The place to be the Mission District, commonly called “The Mission”, is a neighborhood in San Francisco named after the oldest building of San Fran, which is located in the neighborhood. Numerous artistic and cultural institutions are based here.

Spot is Lilac Street 24 th block! The street permits are in order to close off 6 city blocks and with a 3 day entertainment schedule. This is going to be the celebration of the year! Original Bay-Old-School-Legend Crayone is creating the MOS flyer to add the Spray Can Art event with James Prigoff and speaking panel: Mark Bode, Vouge, Crayone & Nate 1, September 19, 2015 at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts from noon-8pm.

Email any query or artist to:

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Life’s a Ball… Enjoy the Circus

FNF-sac-mural-web Click to in-large image.

DO NOT support any circus that uses animals!! We did this mural to support animal rights and give the public an idea of what the old classic circus posters were like. No animal should ever be treated with harm. Do your part to Boycott the circus in your city or town this year!

In the wild, elephants and tigers will walk and run miles each day. Yet in the circus the animals are confined to small cages, or chained, and are unable to move about as they would naturally. The animals are also frequently transported in train cars or in trucks, and kept there for numerous hours or even days at a time. This occurs for many animals up to 90% of their lives.

Artists on this mural: Beth Emmerich, Meme, Lord Pawn, Big Cer, Jenn Ponci, Roar, Eon75, Owie, Melissa, Rachel Pelican.

Organized by artist MEME











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Photo Credit: Kodi Fujii and Ian @thefuenz

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FEW AND FAR: Anniversary Oakland Mural Project

We just completed a new mural in Oakland which we painted on June 12th weekend to celebrate Few and Far’s 4 year anniversary. The mural, titled ‘Ode to Oakland’ celebrates Oaklands rich cultural diversity. It was painted on the side of the East Bay Resources recycling center on Mandela Parkway and is over 150′ long and 19′ high. We painted the entire thing over one weekend with 14 women working full days and late nights. The back side of the building was painted by friends of Few and Far making the entire building an outdoor live art event for the weekend. We had plenty of great local support including a slew of awesome Bay Area DJ’s who kept the tunes pumping into the night. Thanks to all the folks who brought us food, drinks, and came down to watch us work. We definitely felt the Oakland love! Go check out the finished wall at 26th and Mandela Parkway, opposite Brown Sugar Kitchen, and the back of the building on Willow st.’ Progress shots finished wall images coming soon!

few and far jacket (1 of 1)



gold bike man & kaz (1 of 1)

dime rusto or busto (1 of 1)


agana and a view (1 of 1)

shiva action daytime (1 of 1)

little ones (1 of 1)

diety's beautfiul hair (1 of 1)

kaz butterflies (1 of 1)

agana & delvs (1 of 1)

4 more years  (1 of 1)

dime (1 of 1)

flora on hte bridge 3 (1 of 1)

fun on the lift (1 of 1)

Picture 4

Photo credit: AC

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Great Bates “Style In Progress”

Bates ''Style In Progress'' from Partisan Creative Corner on Vimeo.

Bates began writing graffiti in his early teens and despite his tender age soon became one of the most prolific artists within Copenhagen’s budding hip-hop scene of the mid 1980-ties. Already in 1989 he was considered among the leading elite of European graffiti artists, including names such as Loomit from Germany, Mode 2 and Bando from Paris, Delta and Shoe from Amsterdam.
With the internationalization of the European graffiti of the early 1990-ties the rumor of Bates stylistic elegance spread even further and he soon became of the most sought after artists for the big venues around the continent and overseas. He has been invited to paint in more than 30 countries, on all five continents. In 1998 he was the second artist to be featured in On the Run’s biographical series on international graffiti writers. In his graffiti art Bates combines a traditionalist New York feeling for style, with an emphasis on a logic flow of letters, dynamic and swinging rhythms of bars and arrows, with a European sense of technique, of sharp lines, with a graphic verve and an near flawless can control.

© Bates

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