August 2015

Warmi Paint fundraiser

As you know, TOOFLY moved back to Ecuador in 2012 and have been working closely with the Hip Hop and Graffiti community. I focus on empowering women and girls–very much like I did in New York for many years. In the process I learned (like the trials we had back in the 90’s), we are solo in our quest for empowerment through the arts. Comfortable and safe spaces to express ourselves do not exist unless we create them. The ladies in South America are no different: they inspire their daughters, sisters, and young mothers through the arts. The options for work and self development in the barrios are extremely limited. Women become mothers very young, join the military or law enforcement, work the fields, streets, and local shops with their children by their side.


Our mission is to help foster women’s dreams ages 12-25, and provide an creditable platform to jumpstart a movement. This is the way we did it back in the states ten+ years ago, at Women in Hip Hop events. The experience and cross cultural exchange inspired our lives and enabled us to dream bigger than ever before. I am an example of that vision.

WARMI PAINT! a women arts and culture festival will be the first step towards empowering women in Ecuador through the urban arts. Warmi = Woman in quechua, the name of a people of the central Andes of South America and their language. Women of all ages from this part of the world will create a new vision of themselves, nurture their community, and reflect a powerful message.

We are awaiting a grant to make this launch in November possible, but in the meantime we need funding to get production costs covered. If you are able to support with as little as $5 bucks or more we would greatly appreciate the ((( love )))

Here’s the link to our funding campaign:

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“Ode to Oakland” Few&Far 4 year Anniversary

Few & Far 4 Year Anniversary : Ode to Oakland Wall from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Artists in this mural include:
Agana, Beth Emmerich, Deity, Dime, Kazilla, Jenn Ponci, Meme, Ursula X. Young.
Guests Artists: Delvs, Flora Sheva, and Miss Kee.

F&F is an all-female art collective, which boasts artists from around the country who travel around the world. Along with three Bay Area artists, 13 women flew in from across the U.S. to paint this massive wall. The project held special significance to the women because June 2015 marked the fourth year since the collective’s inception. Travelling the world to help those less fortunate through teaching and art, has been the group’s mainstay; this wall was all about celebrating the spirt that has brought them all together. Show info HERE

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Few and Far painting at Crocker Art Museum


Sol-Collective teamed up for another great event for Sacramento youth called “The Teen Take Over”
Meme, Beth Emmerich and Jenn Ponci painted live also hung out with the youth at the Take Over last week at The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento CA.

The Take over was a major summer bash celebrating the art, vision, and culture of local youth. DJs AmpONE and Love Poison from Sol Collective, SAYS poets, Project4Trees, The Hungry, Crow Canyon, and hip-hop dancers will light up a main stage. Check out a graffiti demo among regional aerosol artists, skateboard demos from 28th and B Street Skatepark and Few and Far on a quarter pipe, and Kendama ladder competitions presented by Metropolis Comix. Plus screenprinting, hip hop dance tours in the galleries, a creative careers lounge, and more!







The Crocker Art Museum

All Images are under copyright of FewandFarWomen.Com

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