July 2015

Meeting of styles SF

Few and Far has been invited to Meeting of Styles in San Francisco, Ca. Septomber 18th, 19th, 20th. 2015

The place to be the Mission District, commonly called “The Mission”, is a neighborhood in San Francisco named after the oldest building of San Fran, which is located in the neighborhood. Numerous artistic and cultural institutions are based here.

Spot is Lilac Street 24 th block! The street permits are in order to close off 6 city blocks and with a 3 day entertainment schedule. This is going to be the celebration of the year! Original Bay-Old-School-Legend Crayone is creating the MOS flyer to add the Spray Can Art event with James Prigoff and speaking panel: Mark Bode, Vouge, Crayone & Nate 1, September 19, 2015 at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts from noon-8pm.

Email any query or artist to:

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Life’s a Ball… Enjoy the Circus

FNF-sac-mural-web Click to in-large image.

DO NOT support any circus that uses animals!! We did this mural to support animal rights and give the public an idea of what the old classic circus posters were like. No animal should ever be treated with harm. Do your part to Boycott the circus in your city or town this year!

In the wild, elephants and tigers will walk and run miles each day. Yet in the circus the animals are confined to small cages, or chained, and are unable to move about as they would naturally. The animals are also frequently transported in train cars or in trucks, and kept there for numerous hours or even days at a time. This occurs for many animals up to 90% of their lives.

Artists on this mural: Beth Emmerich, Meme, Lord Pawn, Big Cer, Jenn Ponci, Roar, Eon75, Owie, Melissa, Rachel Pelican.

Organized by artist MEME











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Photo Credit: Kodi Fujii and Ian @thefuenz

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