May 2015

Mural Fundraiser!! We need your help!

Oakland Recycling Center gets Face-lift from Female Art Collective

Alison Casey
May 39, 2015

Oakland, CA – Saturday, June 13th, marks the first day that art collective Few & Far will
start work on a large scale mural in the heart of Oakland at 2430 Mandela Parkway. The
building, which buys non-recyclable plastics and then resells them to specialized buyers,
is one of the largest recycling facilities in the San Francisco area. Situated directly across
the street from locally owned soul food eatery Brown Sugar, this mural will focus on
representing Oakland’s diverse culture and its long-time residents of the city.
Few & Far is an all-female art collective compiled of artists from around the US and
beyond, a few of whom call San Francisco their home. Along with three Bay Area artists,
12 women will be flying in from across the U.S. to paint the massive wall. This project is
especially significant to Few & Far because June 2015 marks the fourth year since the
collective’s inception. The group’s goals are to travel, paint, skateboard, empower
women and girls, and to help those less fortunate when possible. Few & Far has been
involved in numerous non-profit events over the last 4 years, as well as donated time and
energy to many social causes.

Picture 16

Picture 14

Each mural they complete encapsulates an organic salt of the earth spirit; with this
particular piece the women of Few & Far seek to bolster outside awareness of Oakland’s
rich culture, its native communities and the original residents of a city filled with civic
pride. With gentrification and cost-of-living increases working synergistically to slowly
displace Oakland’s people, Few & Far wants this mural to make a positive statement
about a strong community of all races living and working together in Oakland.

Additional Info:
To learn more about this wall and Few & Far, please visit: “Go Fund Me”

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Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2015

See more here IASC

The International Skateboarding Hall of Fame was created in 2009 by Todd Huber, proprietor and co-founder of SKATELAB skatepark and museum in Simi Valley, California.

“I’m the biggest fan of skateboarding, ever, and I noticed that waterskiing had a Hall of Fame. So I thought skateboarding deserves its own Hall of Fame as well,” said Todd Huber, adding: “The award has been growing steadily and is now in its sixth year. And looking around the room, all the key people in skateboarding are here tonight. That really says something about what we are doing for skateboard history.”

This sentiment was echoed by the master of ceremonies, 1970s professional skateboarder Dave Hackett who reminded the audience: “We are all privileged to have been able to follow our hearts and dreams into skateboarding.”

For the first time in Hall of Fame history, this year’s list of inductees also included professional skateboarders from the 1990s – Elissa Steamer and John Cardiel – because the period in time that is now eligible for the historic award.


2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees:
1960s Brian Logan
1970s Era One – Henry Hester
1970s Era Two – Duane Peters
1980s Era One – Neil Blender
1980s Era Two – Chris Miller
1990s John Cardiel
1970s Female – Robin Logan
1980s Female – Cara-Beth Burnside
1990s Female – Elissa Steamer
2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Recipients:
Steve Van Doren
James O’Mahoney
Tracker Trucks

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Last week Few and Far members Ursula X. Young, Jenn Ponci, Agana and a few others were invited paint live, where we also set up an art insulation at TEDx held at the University of San Jose. We painted a life size coloring book for everyone attending. Each person that participated received small gift bags from us.

Thanks again Jen Valenzuela
TEDxSJSU Marketing & Communications for invting us to be part of your inspiring event of Diversity!


photo 1

photo 3-9

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photo 2

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photo 1-12

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photo 3-7


photo 5-7

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Emerging Alchemy

Check out our friend (Kets) Mikael Brandrup upcoming show in LA- “Emerging Alchemy” – a multi media collaboration with the photographer Thomas Fryd.
The result is 15 original collaborative pieces and two sculptures. Mikael Brandrup



Opening Reception on Saturday, May 16th @7pm – 10pm
Project Gallery’s exciting new location is at:

1625 17th Street, Suite 2A
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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Few and Far artist AGANA goes to Senegal

FestiGraff 5 an annual international graffiti festival in Dakar, Senegal. Hosted by the Senegalese godfather of graffiti Docta of Doxandem Squad featuring Jay One of France, Martha Cooper of NYC and DJ Agana of TDK and Few and Far Women.

First Mural Series: Derkeley Neighborhood
Second Mural Series: The Artists’ Village’
Third Mural Series: Pikine Music Studio
Fourth Mural Series: The Toll Highway
Fith Mural Series: Neighborhood In Rufisque
Sixth Mural Series: Médina Market
Gallery: “Liberte & Tolerance” exhibit at Galerie Le Manege de L’institut Francais de Dakar










Featured artists:

Seika, Joule Creative, Bandi, Spasm, Just One, Ibrama, Deris, Stone, Sincelor, Kadidiatou, Vespa, Justin, Kara, Refa, Agana, Toons, Dr33, Cartel de caracas, Hensen, Bankslave, Smi, Trez, Jay One, Batsh, Monsier cana, Samee, Ipns, Alezia, Sane Twom Kows, Breeze, Falko One, Afro, Divassa, King Mow, B-Key, Grafixx, Zeinixx, Krafts, Krack, Chimere, Beaugraff, Diabloss, Mbautta, Triga, Guiso, Nourou, Al Pacino, Kromagnon, Layediz, Mat’art, Madzoo, Fada, Romeij, Misgo, Seita 7, Docta

Music by DJ Slat, DJ Pol, DJ Zeina, DJ Leuz

Edited by Xirix and DJ Agana April 2014
Shot by Elena Berman and Vanessa Espinoza
Music by: “Kumu Neexul” Viviane Copyright Claim by Believe

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Mad C “Bits and Pieces”

MADC’s opens 2nd of May at Gallery Wallworks in New York. Here is a little info on the show:

“Even though heavily abstracted, MadC’s canvases are compiled of graffiti pieces assembled through energetic, layered brush strokes. The many transparent layers create an intriguing depth in each piece. For this exhibition MadC chose to paint mainly small format pieces – bits and pieces. All 20+ canvases have never been seen before. In addition to the canvases, gallery Wallworks will release a new 8 layer MadC screen print. Gallery Wallworks and MadC welcome you to the opening on Saturday, May 2nd.”


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