April 2015

Few And Far Women at TEDxSJSU


We will have an art exhibit and live painting during this wonderful event about Diversity.
MAY 4th, 5:30- 11:30pm-
If you still have yet to purchase your ticket to TEDxSJSU, be sure to visit www.brownpapertickets.com Don’t delay — this event is guaranteed to sell out!

Make sure to look for FEW AND FAR!

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For “Women’s Safety”

“I’m Anna Akana and I’m here to help women everywhere not get raped! Because it’s totally our responsibility, right?”

In her her new video, the 25-year-old YouTube star sardonically sums up how problematic it is when people often tell women to not get raped instead of telling men not to rape. Akana lists some sarcastic, clever and outrageous suggestions for all genders on how not to get raped. (Warning: some of the suggestions get a bit violent.) The point is to teach people at a young age NOT TO RAPE! Easy, right? Wrong. Akana goes on to discuss why these tips — that women are definitely told to use — perpetuate victim-blaming. “[Women have] been conditioned our whole lives to not get raped,” she says. “My dad put me in martial arts, my mom gives me knives and pepper spray. And despite the fact that I like that stuff, it’s mostly for anti-rape.”

Since the onus is on a woman to prevent rape, if a woman is actually sexually assaulted, people often start asking her what she was wearing or if she was drunk. This victims end up being blamed for “inviting” their own assaults.

Akana goes on to list the ridiculous amount of paraphernalia women are advised to get to ward off rapists, including weapons disguised as cute keychains, bedazzled pepper spray and even nail polish that can detect the date rape drug.

At the end of the video, Akana offers the best solution to preventing rape: “You know what would be better? If we just taught young boys that rape isn’t even an option.”


Taken from Huffington Post

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New Video “Helping Hands Over Border Project”

Graffiti artist Meme (California) and Tfour (Tijuana) teamed up for a unique event called “Helping Hands Over The Project” to celebrate art and skateboarding for the youth of Tijuana, Mexico. With help from several volunteers and our sponsors, we hosted a successful, postive event for the children.

Over the course of one day we awarded clothing and skate board gear to, and painted a mural with, roughly 70 grateful precipitants. We were honored to teach the kids basic mural skills and together painted the wall of their gymnasium, thanks to Ironlak spray paint and other sponsors. Part of the event was a “Best Trick” contest where the winners won larger prizes, including new skate boards! Yet, it was a “everyone wins” event, as every child walked away with some prize. The experience proved to be extremely rewarding for all who participated, especially the adults who could see how much this one event touched countless, sweet children’s lives.
Because we had little funding, this video was shot by one of out own using just a go pro, but, as always, we made the best of it.

Thanks to everyone who helped support and promote this event! More Images HERE

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