February 2015

Helping the homeless “Moon Cycle Event”


We are hosting a Moon Cycle benefit show to raise funds for underprivileged people to receive feminine hygiene products at no cost. This event will take place on Women’s Day, March 8th. There will be an art show at Diversecity Gallery located 913 K street, Sacramento, Ca between 2-5 pm. The visual art show will be accompanied by a raffle, and a DJ or live band. Following the art show will be live performances by The Midnight Moonshiners and other various artists at the Colony on 3512 Stockton Blvd. between 6-10 pm. There is a gofundme account for people who would like to contribute but are unable to attend or donate art/services.

Please post the attached show flier along with this link to you social medias: Also you can donate to this project.

Moon Cycle benefits people in need of feminine hygiene products. These can’t be purchased with food stamps, and are often forgotten by volunteers and non-profit groups. For more information about this cause please refer to this article by Vice Magazine // Feminine hygiene

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Cool Disco Dan

Through its streetcar days, its riots, its crack epidemic, and its many-flavored scandals, Washington has remained a town of hoary legends. Men’s names, etched into marble; dead generals astride horses, gazing stonily into rush-hour traffic—for generations, these cold and glory-drunk statues have passed as public art in the District. Ask a passerby to connect a name to a chiseled face, and you’ll get a sheepish shrug.


There’s one Washington figure whose name was all anyone knew of him, though, at least for a while, and few could traverse D.C.’s neighborhoods without learning it. Feds riding downtown on the Red Line. Tourists, the minute they unglued their eyes from their crumpled maps. Hustlers. Go-go stars. Schoolchildren. Cops, definitely. Shop owners. There was hardly a soul in town who didn’t know the name of Cool “Disco” Dan. Read More

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Meme Ball Gown Bombing


Ball Gown Bombing with Meme (F&F, CBS) from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Meme's date at the ball turned into a pumpkin, but this Cinderella isn't the type to let a little formal wardrobe stop her, so she went bombing in her ball gown.

Music: Patsy Cline, "Walkin' After Midnight" (1957 Bradley Studios TV Show Recording)
Shot / Edited: AC


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Few and Far Art Basel Video

Few & Far at Art Basel, Dec. 2014 from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.

Art Basel is America's largest art fair, taking place annually each December in Miami, Florida, with thousands gathering from around the world to view the spectacle. Few and Far has gone out to paint a mural each year since its inception, and this one is their largest to date. At roughly 30' tall and over 90' wide, this wall was an amazing way for each of them to grow as artists and collectively show the world who they are: a crew of diversely talented female mural painters with a multitude of backgrounds, who work together to complete beautiful productions. Thanks for watching and see you next year!


Another amazing year of painting a huge mural with the women of Few and Far. This years theme was an electric underwater world, which we painted over 4 days during Art Basel: one of the worlds largest art events that happens over a week every December in Miami. Our wall was one of the largest all-female collaborations in the Wynwood district, with 16 Few and Far artists from various parts of the country and globe painting together on this mural.

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