May 2014

Save local women’s handcrafts: The story of Nasreen

Some good friends of ours that run a fair trade business called “Offerings” got together to help these women in Nepal. We ask if you could help spread the word and or donate a few bucks to this wonderful cause! Read this article on Nasreen HERE.

Save Local Women’s Handicrafts campaign and why it’s important to us.

Save Local Women’s Handicraft campaign is our effort to help Nasreen and the 20+ women of her collective. Nasreen is currently in hiding to protect herself from forced marriage. This act puts Nasreen at great risk. The building project for the Local Women’s Handicrafts will be a sustainable self sufficient solution for all the women involved, but it is also a safe place for Nasreen to begin a new life of independence for herself.


Donte or read more about this wonderful project here: SAVE LOCAL WOMEN’S HANDCRAFTS

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Female genital mutilation in the US and all over the world.

Sign the petition to end FGM


During the summer months, while many families take vacations or usher their children off to camp, thousands of girls here in the U.S. are being sent overseas for what’s sold to them as a “rite of passage.” According to the AHA Foundation, up to 228,000 girls and women in the U.S. are vulnerable to what’s called “vacation cutting,” when parents send their daughters to stay with their families abroad and to endure female genital mutilation (FGM). Even more women living here have been victims as children. Before immigrating to the U.S., they were subjected to the abuse that affects 125 million females worldwide.

But there’s no way to know how many women are victims of this practice because they make themselves invisible.

“We have a culture of silence,” says Jaha Dukureh, who is leading a campaign to pressure Washington to create legislation that would mandate FGM education and allow for safe places for survivors to seek help. “Most women won’t share their stories because they are afraid of what will happen to them, what will happen to their parents.”

The shame runs so deep that girls are taught to never look at or touch their genitals, and most of them have never been to a gynecologist. In many cases, women who were cut very young — and it is common practice to circumcise infants — don’t even know they have been mutilated until they attempt to have sex, at which time they often need to be cut open again to consummate a marriage.


Read more here: The

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Hoopla skateboards


Hoopla was created with the intent to encourage both girl’s participation and progression in skateboarding, while simultaneously offering fun graphics for all skaters. created by female professional skateboarders, mimi knoop and cara-beth burnside, hoopla has deep roots in skateboarding.

Whether ridden by a novice or a pro, hoopla makes skaters feel confident and comfortable about riding a skateboard. hoopla is centered around having fun and being creative. our prominent flying elephant symbolizes creativity, individuality, and fun—all things that hoopla is founded on.




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N.O. BONZO & Book Release

Showing at Upperplayground



Picture 6

For this May Day First Thursday opening, FIFTY24PDX Gallery and Upper Playground Portland are proud to aptly present DrownTown: a solo show featuring new and selected works from N.O. Bonzo, one of Portland’s most talented street artists.

Incorporating metal leaf and hand-mixed inks, Bonzo creates large-scale, hand-painted installations which inhabit the city’s riverfront and bridges.

The opening coincides with the release of N.O. Bonzo’s book DrownTown, which documents a narrative and visual exploration into personal themes including mental illness, gender identity, and suicide. In DrownTown, a degenerate stretches a collection of illustrated love letters across a city.

Join us at 6:00 on Thursday May 1st for live music, free beer, and rad art. The forecast looks amazing. We are so effing excited!

The show runs until June 1st

Picture 7
See more images here.

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Once a Mission Girl, Always a Mission Girl


“Once A Mission Girl, Always A Mission Girl” from SV De-Bug on Vimeo.

13 year old Ana Nicole diosdado Gonzalez is a young aspiring photographer. With her family facing eviction from her childhood home of 14 years, she takes us down a walk through 24th Street, catching photos of what will become memories of a neighborhood that she is forced to leave.
Like many families, artists, and children who’ve built the Mission District to what it’s culture has become, a lot of them are facing eviction.

“All the “creative cities” that have managed to successfully destroy and/or evict their working class have ultimately been condemned to doom. And soon, they will wake up to an ocean of sameness.- An excerpt from Guillermo Gomez Pena’s “A Heartfelt Letter To Rene Yanez and The SF arts Community”


Ages Served
Girls ages 9 to 24; Afterschool 9 to 14

Mission Girls is an afterschool and summer program targeted to Latina girls. Activities include homework help, journal writing, reading groups, creative writing workshops, career exploration, health education workshops, cooking classes, sports and fitness, cultural arts and crafts, ethnic dance, and participation in cultural community events and outings.

Mission Girls’ Young Queens on the Rise program is a gender specific group for girls that have been involved in the Juvenile Justice System, or for those who engage in “at-risk” behaviors. The girls are either court mandated or referred by an agency or community member. The goal is to promote self esteem, enhance academic performance, develop leadership abilities, anti-violence education, and empower young women to make positive choices in their lives. The group is also linked with an Intensive Case Management component which is part of the Mission Girls center. The program hosts All-Nighters twice a month on Fridays, an alternative event for “at-risk” girls to begin their weekend on a positive path.


Mission Girls provides Intensive Case Management for girls ages 13 and up, who have been involved in the Juvenile Justice System, who engage in “at-risk” behavior, and/or have low academic performance. Case managers require at least two one-on-one meetings with clients for one hour minimum, depending on their level. The services offered are court and youth advocacy, goal development, school visits, home visits, and life skills training.

Social Media Links:


Vanessa Solari Espinoza
3Digital Artist Compositor
3809 Brown Ave. Oakland Ca 94619

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