June 2013

Erin Ashford & Meme

Photographer Erin Ashford and Graffiti artist Meme teamed up again for a really special photo shoot to promote Few&Far. This shoot is called “Girl bar flight” the idea was by Meme to bring her girlfriends plus some members of F&F into the shoot, with the grimy setting of a local watering hole in Sacramento called the Old Tavern. The main images(not released yet) of this shoot are being used for upcoming magazines as ad’s to promote our on line store at Few and Far/Bigcartel .

Few&Far is not limited to only art and skateboarding we are all very creative people with multiple talents. Keep your eye out for many more future projects with the F&F women.

ELA_9467 logo

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Models are: Beth Emmerich, Jenny Looper, Nicole Ellsworth, Andrea Bibelheimer, Autumn Swhiser, Dj Agana, Meme, Adekemi Omatade, Jeannette Ferrell, Star Sailor, Jen Valenzuela, Angela Mayes, Amanda Aroldan. Tosha Gibbs and Kodi Fujii.

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African-Americana women in America



As the women’s suffrage movement gained popularity, African-American women were increasingly marginalized.[1] African-American women dealt not only with the sexism of being withheld the vote, but also the racism of white suffragists. The struggle for the vote did not end with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment.[1] In some Southern states African American women were unable to freely exercise their right to vote up until the 1960s.[2] However, these difficulties did not deter African-American women in their effort to secure the vote. Taken from Wikipedia

Picture 5

Despite this strong support for woman’s suffrage, black women sometimes faced discrimination within the suffrage movement itself. From the end of the Civil War onwards, some white suffragists argued that enfranchising women would serve to cancel out the “Negro” vote, as there would be more white women voters than black men and women voters combined. Although some black clubwomen participated actively in the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), the NAWSA did not always welcome them with open arms. In the 20th century, the NAWSA leadership sometimes discouraged black women’s clubs from attempting to affiliate with the NAWSA. Some Southern members of NAWSA argued for the enfranchisement of white women only. In addition, in the suffrage parade of 1913 organized by Alice Paul’s Congressional Union, black women were asked to march in a segregated unit. Ida B. Wells refused to do so, and slipped into her state’s delegation after the start of the parade.

When the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, it legally enfranchised all women, white and black. However, within a decade, state laws and vigilante practices effectively disenfranchised most black women in the South. It would take another major movement for voting rights – the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s – before black women in the South would be effectively enfranchised.

Women, Free Huey Rally, Oakland (1968) PHOTO BYPirkle Jones_jpg

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Few & Far Skate Jam Part 2

In addition to the youth art workshops, this year’s skate jam reached out to the local business community and featured vendor booths of various companies and supporters of Few & Far.





While the event was open to all spectators and participants, there were some necessary


When you get called out to grind the loop, you better grind the loop.





As the skate jam drew to a close, down time was limited and a second wind was necessary for the after party activities.




2013-06-01 21.09.48
Few&far birthday cake was made by skater Meleha Joy and her Mom. Thanks it was delicious!!

FNF-2YR To anther great year!!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of our donors and sponsors: Art Primo, Blood Wizard, Breezy Excursion, Confusion Mag, Copic, Disastr 77, Endless Canvas, Estria Foundation, Fat Cat Tattoo, Getta Clue, Good Times, Hangtown Skate Shop, Hoax, Hoopla, Hot Italian, I Bud You, Independent, Ironlak, Ironlak LA, JSLV, Lowcard, LRG, Lurk Hard, Maple XO, Official, OJ Wheels, Pink Widow, Rad Dad Collective, RENDR, Saba Anna, Santa Cruz Boardroom, Scum Skates, Sino Tequila, Sol Collective, Solitaire, Thrasher, and Vkultra.

Additional thanks go out to the following individuals for their help: Andrea and Erik Bibelheimer, Dan Bibelheimer, Steve-o Brockway, Lorna and Terry Campion, Wes Davis, Melissa Downing, Joe Fong, Nanette Fowler, Sabrina Haaberg, Phil Ritti, Sissy Swain, Trixie Trujillo, Michael Tyau, Jamie Hill, Ricky Watts,and Shannon Weber.

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Re-Cap of Few&Far Skate Jam part 1

_MG_3540 Photo by Autumn Swisher

Well with many, many months of plugging away at endless emails and phone calls two weeks ago was our Second All-Female Skate Jam. Even in 104″ degree weather we had a large turn out of skaters, artist, friends and people showing their support.

This non-competitive event is directed towards the celebration of female skateboarders and artists, aiming to showcase their skills and talents within a positive and supportive community environment.

_MG_3430 Photo by Autumn Swisher

img_2570 Photo by Wes Davis

Sol Collective our physical sponsor is a very active group of wonderful people who came out with their Non-GMO seeds along with all their fun projects for the kids to do while their moms were skating. Sol Collective is ran by Estelle funder/activist.




We started the day setting up tents and the art work shop for the kids. The Women teaching the children where artist Miss Reds, Agana from Oakland, Jenn Ponci from Grass Valley, and Detiy drove all the way from LA just to paint for the day.





IMG_3229 Photo by Autumn Swisher

IMG_3342 Haha Autumn Trying to help us get electric for the Dj.

_MG_3558 Deity and Agana


We had female skaters from Oregon, LA, SD, Santa Cruz, SF, Oakland, Grass Valley etc. Ranging from age 6 to 65 years old.


_MG_3553 Donation by Chazy P at Fat Cat Tattoo





Other photos by Kitty Mason
Part 2 coming soon!

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