May 2013

See you this Saturday! Few & Far’s Two Year Anniversary!



This is a free event open to everyone!! Female skate jam, art work shops for children of all ages, and live art demonstrations by Agana, Miss Reds, Jenn Ponci, Beth Emmerich, and more!

12-5pm @ Granite (Power Inn Skate Park), Sacramento

After Party and Few & Far’s Two Year Celebration:
Morgan’s Bar and Grill
3348 S St., Sacramento

Thank you to our donors and sponsors: Art Primo, Blood Wizard, Confusion Mag, Copic, Endless Canvas, Estria Foundation, Fat Cat Tattoo, Getta Clue, Good Times, Hangtown Skate Shop, Hoax, Hoopla, Hot Italian, I Bud You, Independent, Ironlak, Ironlak LA, JSLV, Lowcard, LRG, Lurk Hard, Maple XO, Official, OJ Wheels, Pink Widow, Rad Dad Collective, RENDR, Saba Anna, Santa Cruz Boardroom, Scum Skates, Sino Tequila, Sol Collective, Solitaire, Thrasher Mag, and Vkultra.

Special thanks to our individual donors: Andrea and Erik Bibelheimer, Dan Bibelheimer, Lorna and Terry Campion, Melissa Downing, Joe Fong, Nanette Fowler, Sabrina Haaberg, Kathleen Swain, Trixie Trujillo, Michael Tyau, and Shannon Weber.

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Content Under Pressure San Antonio, TX


F&FTexas Photo: Jaime Sanchez

Big thanks to The Paint Yard and The Mixed Media Collective. Sadly only five of our members were able to make it for this event, but we rocked for the our sista’s that weren’t there.



Reds and Meme missed this group shot because they were painting a last minute wall before their flights. Many thanks to CBS Crew for hooking up the spot!!

Meme Gusto and Reds! 45 min get down. Great meeting you Gusto and all the other amazing artist that were painting this event!

HopsTexas Hops Photo: Jaime Sanchez

Reds Reds black book pimpin


Meme Meme Photo: Jaime Sanchez

Hops-Few-and-Far Hops

Reds-Graffiti Miss Reds

IMG_4563 Merlot Photo: Jaime Sanchez

Mannn dont kill our vibe!! 2013-05-17 12.53.18

2013-05-19 11.12.11

2013-05-17 17.34.59 Its was crazy Hot we took a pool brake!!


IMG_4448 Thanks to our awesome fans showing their support!!






Extra photos by: Toofly

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Few&Far & Sol Collective Presents our 2-Year Anniversary Skate Jam!!


Open to all ages and abilities, activities begin at 12:00pm and include a female skate session, youth street art and graffiti workshop, and prize raffle, with music provided by DJ Esef. During the course of the jam, members of the Few and Far crew will be demonstrating live art and skateboarding. The non-competitive event, directed towards the participation and celebration of female skateboarders and artists, aims to showcase individual skills and talents within a positive and supportive community environment.

In October 2011, Few and Far’s All Female Skate Gathering was their inaugural assemblage of female artists and skateboarders, drawing participants throughout the West Coast and beyond. Building upon the successes and praise of the event, Few and Far is looking forward to once again rally together local and outside skateboarding and street art communities for a day of fun and camaraderie.

For additional information on the Few and Far Two Year Anniversary Skate Jam, stay tuned to,, and follow @FewandFarWomen on
Instagram and Twitter.

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Session at Grass Valley Skatepark

As we are gearing up for our Second Annual All-Female Skate Jam June 1st At Power Inn Skate Park Sacramento Ca. We invited one of our lovely friend Hannah Greene at Gemini Photo Company to come hang and take photo’s of us skating last week.

Hannah brought her very brave & awesome son Harley that brought his own board and was having a blast skating with one of girls around the park.








Some of the skaters that came where VTown, Beverly Flood, Jenn Ponci , Meme and friends.


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The Amazing Musa 71

Musa 71 Aka Maria:


One thing that really stands out about Musa are how large her pieces are among other things. We love how detailed and multi-colored her pieces are with such great connections!! Musa is an huge inspiration to us, we know you’ll love her work too!

Before you started painting graffiti, did you have any other creative outlets?

Yes, when I was a child I used to watch scifi and horror movies. Also I used to read a lot comic books and a lot of books in general. So when I was a teenager I began to write short stories. And I’m still doing it.

Tell us, what is it like being a female graffiti writer? How was it when you first started?


Well, at the beggining it was hard for several things. First there were only two or three girls interested in, so we didnt know what to do or act.. I dont know if it is easy to understand. Then male writers, they dont know how to act towards us. Some of them were very paternalist ( sorry dont know if this word is correct) and the rest were very machista.
But, after some years they realize that I really love graffiti so everything got comfortable.

So, love the crew name “Black Magic” -tell us more about the crew and its meaning?

Well, Black Magic is spanish crew. We are friends that more or less share the same mentality about graffiti. Was created by Hen (Barcelona). Black magic is a strong name that reflect the way we feel about graffiti.

Where did you originally start writing graffiti?

I began doing tags, simple latex pieces in Barcelona, but I did my first color piece in Madrid.


Where are you from?
Barcelona. S-pain.

What would you say you base your style on? Where do you get inspiration from?

Obviously ny classic styles and music. I love to draw while listening music and i like to think that my letters dance to the music i was listening to.

How many years have you been painting?
I began at 1989… 24 years :S

Why Musa 71?

Well the number is easy I was born 1971. When I decided to write I was looking for a name that means something in spanish and english. My bf at that moment help me out with this.


Who are some female writers that are currently active in Spain?
Noer, Labil, Laia, Fati, Mali, Risa, Dune, Yubia… And many more..

Follow: Musa71 @cobrabox You’ll be happy you did!

Interview by Meme
Edited by Ashley Dwyer

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