February 2013

It’s like a jungle errr day!!


This mural was organized by Graffiti artist Meme, with help from the fellow members of the Few and Far Crew. Meme came up with the theme to help express the love we all share for animals and nature. This is a statement to bring awareness that our world is priceless and we should all work together to maintain its preciousness.


The huge mural was painted in just one weekend, The Seattle girls (Hops, ksra, and Merlot) came in hot and handled things all on very minimal sleep. The artists all crammed on a couch like a doggie pile for the 2 nights. They closed their blood-shot, crusty, paint covered eyes, only to get up and do it again! “The early bird crew”.


With the late night painting give or take a few artist, always seem to fall on 3 suspecting characters (Reds, Meme, Agana). With them, delirium and paint fumes kick in tough. These ladies were “protecting” the equipment and paint by laughing all night, while rolling round on the ground doing pretend BBoy poses!


Dime and baby sister Khoda came up from Oakland to paint. Dime was pregnant at the time so she cautiously painted with a mask and used only brushes, staying away from direct spraypaint contact. Meanwhile, Khoda, filled in Dimes character with spray paint to help her big sister execute.

Also, the very talented fine artist Ursula X. Young, originally from England, and now living and working in Grass Valley Ca, came from up north to paint the lovely women with animals all around her. Each woman that painted, drove or flew good distances to add their unique flavors to the project, this wall shows all their efforts to tie it all together.


Artist that painted:
Erin Yoshi, Ursula X. Young,
Jenn Ponci, Meme, Ksra, Hops,
Reds, Agana, Dime, Merlot, RPZ,
Megen Devine and Baybay-FNF Khoda

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!
IRONLAK Spray paint, MAHFIA “killing it softly” MaryJane Clothing .
Images by Gemini Photography Co. & Wes Davis

Video filmed and edited By Dj Agana & Jose Arriaga


Read more about mural here!

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Few and Far and special guests in Oakland last weekend


Thanks to everyone that shown us support by coming by saying hi and giving us goods! We cant do it without you all we love all our fans! xxx









Guests artist Crystal Galindo Artist painted this wall were Meme, Agana, Beth Emmerich, Khoda, Crystal
Photos by Autumn Swisher and Dj Agana

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Post cards by TooFly

Picture 3

4″X6″ full color 5PK postcards featuring Toofly’s street works, Illustrations, and paintings.
$10.00. Now available on shop www.tooflynyc.com/shop

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Live tv show from the Bay Area featuring fashion, music, art and more!

At 43:22 See Agana’s part talking about what she does as well as speaking about Few and Far.

Published on Feb 11, 2013
B*STARR TV : episode 3 : February 8, 2013
A show mixing fashion, music and entertainment

Hosted by Bianca Starr and Alanna Rayford
VIP interviewer DJ Mei Lwun

“Happy Hour” sponsored by Monarch Club San Francisco featuring mixologist Mauricio Moe Arce

Fashion Designer Erica Variza
Boutique Shoe Groupie
DJ/Graf Writer/jewelry Maker Agana

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