January 2013

Maverique Style House Salon Mural


Maverique Style House wall commissioned by Tattoo Artist Jenn Ponci, and Few and Far Founder Meme. The wall is located in Midtown Sacramento, California on 19th and I streets. The owners of the salon, Shannon and Michael, gave the ladies complete freedom to involve artists of their choice. Artist Ursula X. Young, Graffiti writer Miss Reds, and tattoo artist Beth Emmerich, were chosen to participate in this project. Ursula X. Young hand painted a beautiful framed woman in the middle of the mural. Miss Reds designed and spray painted all the lettering, as well as painted butterflies and flowers. Beth contributed the flowing peacock feathers between the frames. Jenn Ponci painted the woman with the fancy hat, and the dapper gentleman characters, as well as background designs. Meme painted orchids, pansies, and a bird that brought everything all together to complete the vintage-salon themed wall.

To accommodate the salon’s busy schedule and parking restrictions, the ladies painted many late nights using their spotlights in down to 22 degree weather. Working against the porous rough texture and large groves all over the brick wall. The salon stylists and employees were gracious and helpful throughout the process, offering beverages and access to their facilities when needed. This mural was enjoyable and rewarding for the ladies involved, and they extend their gratitude to Maverique Style House.










Mavrique wall

Photos: Jenn Ponci and Meme
Many thanks to Dj Whores, Shawn Turner and Erin Yoshi.

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The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society / Aero Soul Art


The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society/ Aero Soul Art

This Show features for the 1st time ever women, and two FNF members AGANA and Dime are represented in this amazing show, a must see!

Join the Pan African Diaspora Spray Can Arts movement in their effort to end youth Violence. See the masterpieces of some of the Best HipHop Calligraphers in the world. AeroSoul3 Features some the early Legendary New York Subway Writers as well as artists from the Bay Area,LA, Senegal West Africa and Europe. This Closing Reception event is designed to promote Unity and Community Solidarity through HipHop Culture.
Music,Art,Dance,The Word and Love
Family Friendly and FREE!
February 22,2013 6pm-12Mid
African American Art and Culture Complex 762 Fulton St. San Francisco CA

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Lots of love to our fans!

We are so thankful for the all people and companies that have given us support! We couldn’t do it with out you guys!! Here is some recent fan mail we have received.

4a307748419b11e287a122000a9f13ec_7 This was sent to us by a fellow female artist Rabbit Rye.

0 Gift box filled with sketches, goodies and even home baked cookies. Sent by another talented female writer SHIVA from the Midwest in the US.

FNF from Sone This was drawn by Paul Sone from Vancouver, Canada.

318626_431438143596802_900963192_n A shout out to the crew from sweet girl that writes MUGRE from Colombia.

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We Go Hard in the Motha F@%kin Paint!


As the years pass we build more and more momentum to push ourselves to the limit with our projects, walls, trains and beyond!! Don’t miss what we have coming up for 2013!! Hope you enjoy some images what we did in 2012.





Merlot image-1


TooFly Toofly_RooftopLegends_2012


Dime img_2Dime


Glow 283778_3811259353704_1353629471_n


Miss Reds 6982708948_affd2cb593_b


Ursula Young 2010-05-pl-young_ladies


Meme p1060581


Erin Ashford spx0xgvqfuz_qemzovez9njjfwlldt32tnlqkup-rxk


Tatiana Suarez _MG_7887


Hops 8266902935_7935223df5_h


KsraPicture 3

Picture 2



Beth Emmerich P1060693


Erin Yoshi 20121210_122348 Yoshi&Glow Collaboration

Picture 2

Agana NM2


Siloette/Meagan Spendlove f4character2


i8k_gJrPz0CS9Nhtni-G0AL2tmFq94i3h-c2yqpr6F0 Happy New Years! Thanks for all your support!!

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Jessica N. Pabón TEDxWomen

Jessica N. Pabón is ABD in the Performance Studies Department at New York University and specializes in Transnational Feminisms, Latina/o and Africana Studies, Queer Studies, and Visual Art and Performance. Recognized by the American Association of University Women (American Fellowship) and the Ford Foundation (Honorable Mention), her dissertation, The ‘Art of Getting Ovaries’: Female Graffiti Artists and the Politics of Presence in Hip Hop’s Graffiti Subculture, breaks scholarly ground in the study of graffiti subculture by analyzing the modes of resistance female graffiti artists cultivate to manage the material effects of being women in a male-dominated subculture. She documents the lives of over seventy-five women who spend their days as biologists, CEOs, editors, mothers, and teachers, and their nights painting on the streets of cities like Cape Town, León, Melbourne, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Shizuoka, and Toronto. Formerly the Director of US Relations for Rede Nami, a Brazilian feminist urban arts collective, she continues her advocacy work as curator for bOb gallery in NYC. She has publications forthcoming in Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, and TDR: the journal of performance studies. She blogs about her research at http://artofgettingovaries.wordpress.com.

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