December 2012

Few&Far in Miami part 2


The Few&Far women painted the rainbow wall above, as well as multiple walls in Wynwood this year.
Artist that painted:
TooFly (NYC)
Beth Emmerich(SD)
Reds (Miami)
Glow (SD)
Tatiana Suarez (NYC)
Meme (N. CA)
Hops (Seattle)
Ksra (Seattle)
Merlot (Seattle)
179 (Seattle)
Agana (Oakland)
Erin Yoshi (LA)





Huge Thanks to The Brisky Gallery, Mixed Media Collective and The Paint Yard!!
Photo’s by Autumn Swisher and Glow

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Few&Far in Wynwood Miami for Art Basel 2012

Few & Far Women were asked to paint The Cigar Factory in Wynwood Art District during this year’s Art Basel; a prestigious art show containing more than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin American, Asia, and Africa, showcasing works by more than 2,000 artists in Miami, Florida. Located in a large venue housing a beer garden, a large bus with DJ and yummy food vendors, this venue was set up by Mixed Media Collective in conjunction with Juxtapoz Magazine as one of the sponsors.

Just four days before arriving in Florida, the twelve ladies flying in from all over the US to paint this event were informed by The Cigar Factory that they had changed their mind about having their wall painted. Having their full theme and colors chosen for the large wall promised to them, the ladies were put in quite a predicament; no wall, and twelve ladies ready to fly out – work schedules had already been rearranged, airfare booked.

Strangely, The Cigar Factory decided they didn’t want “graffiti” on their wall. The Wynwood district was developed by the late Tony Goldman; the famed builder who transformed NYC’s SoHo and South Beach in Miami. It’s odd that The Cigar Factory would turn down a mural by Few & Far (a talented crew of artists using various mediums) being that much of the buildings in Wynwood are covered in artistic and tasteful graffiti – encouraged by the building owners. Not only did The Cigar Factory take back their wall, they pulled out their spray paint vendor, The Pain Yard, who would have provided the paint for the ladies wall.

Despite the setback, the Few & Far ladies would not be defeated by narrow-minded attitudes. Thanks to the awesome and dedicated people at The Mixed Media Collective, the ladies ended up with the perfect wall. Located behind The Brisky Gallery on 24th St, the ladies had the right amount of space needed to tackle their rainbow theme. Painting two levels of pieces rather than one created a beautiful sense of movement as the colors transformed from one piece to the next. The challenge of painting single-tone pieces was accepted and executed perfectly by each artist. Doing a theme such as this meant that each artist had to pay attention to the colors used by the artist next to them – and to use that same information when selecting their own colors. The wall became more than just a wall of pieces and characters – but a true collaboration.

The gallery was kind enough to supply the ladies with scaffolding, ladders, lights and even hammocks and swings for relaxing. Additionally, the buzz generated by the gallery from their highly anticipated show (featuring artists such as Alex Yanes, Kazilla, SK545, Andrea Bartos, and many more) meant that even though the ladies had lost their advertised location – they still had a constant stream of art enthusiasts, other writers, and others intrigued by their work stopping by the wall and joining the party.

Next to the wall being painted by the Few & Far ladies were the very talented artists Rone and Pia, working on their own murals. It was a great seeing the walls really come together. Professional photographer Autumn Swisher, an all-around awesome person, documented this entire experience.

In the end, despite the attempts to hold the ladies back, the Few & Far ladies rose above and busted out an AMAZING wall. They met wonderful people, caught up with old friends, and even received fan mail that was sent to the gallery for them! The ladies extend their warmest wishes and thanks to everyone at Mixed Media Collective, Brisky Gallery, The paint Yard, and all of their supporters and fans that came through and continue to show love.

As a Few & Far fan myself, I commend these ladies for their love and dedication to the art, and to each other! I’m proud to be a supporter and be involved with such an amazing crew of talented artists. Chief Editor Ashley Dwyer

130 NW 24 Street Miami Fl, 33127

Mixed Media Collective

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Mad C “Over the Edge” Art Show in SF

OPENING RECEPTION: December 7th, 2012, 6:30 – 9:30pm
ON VIEW THROUGH: January 5th, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- 1AM is pleased to present, “Over The Edge”, a solo exhibition featuring new works from German artist, MadC aka Claudia Walde. Arguably the top aerosol artist in the world, she is renowned for her talent, tenacity, and ambition. Opening December 7th, 6:30-9:30pm, “Over The Edge” will showcase a collection of mixed media paintings on canvas and paper that will highlight her 1AM gallery space inspired installation.

MadC’s work is inspired by graffiti and the perfect connection of letters, foreground, and background. With the constant evolution and argument of graffiti as an art form, the show aims to keep the energy of this art form alive on canvas without taking it directly from the street. While using spray paint, acrylic paint, watercolors and ink, she hopes to push the boundaries of what graffiti is conceived as and inspire future generations to take new approaches to the art form.

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