December 2011

Spotlight: Lady KIF

We have lots of love for our fans, Lady KIF from Mexico reached out to us showin us love, so we are returning the favor;) She also has a female crew she paints with in Mexico.

Female writers in photos: Seif, Lady Butterfly, Toska, Shady, Hurs, Nota, Kiddo and Kif.
The Lady Graff Blog

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Thank you!!

A huge Thank you to our sponsors and the people that made Miami QUEEN BEE Wall happen!!

Meme for putting that whole thing together, Rime for everything and watching over all the ladies, Jurne for putting in good words for us! Lady Mags and Erin Yoshi for painting the back ground, all the ladies that painted!! Erin Ashford for the amazing photos!

Thanks Primary Flight Books, Typoe, Slow.

Finally thanks to every one that gives a shit!!!

Ironlak Spray Paint

Nomad SF piercing

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Winter days.. in the Miami sun shine.

The streets of El Barrio had an electric vibe for Art Basel! In it’s 10th year, the Wynwood Arts District, one of the biggest street art districts in the world, opened it’s walls. To be invited as an artist by the community, thanks to Primary Flight and sponsorship by Ironlak, is a huge responsibility to bring your best self to this historically Puerto Rican neighborhood and breath some positive life into it’s walls. With this in mind, I was open to whomever and whatever I could learn about the district, the Few&Far collective I came with and it’s visitors. Here is what I found..

Photo credit : Erin Ashford

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Queen bee’s swarm Miami

Here’s a sneak peek into Few&Far in Miami this year in the Wynwood Art District. We painted for 3 days then got our sexy steez on! We hit some wild art shows, parties that never ended.. And some how ended up kickin it at our wall almost every night, With mass groups of people. Every where you looked was silhouetted of people spray painting, there was amazing and shitty art every where!!

Not all of us ladies could make it for all the crazy drunk photo shoots we had but for the ones that had made it, knows how we had the time of our lives.. being all silly! -M

Few&Far Male models

Stay tuned for our action painting photo’s.
Photos: by our Photographer Erin Ashford

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