September 2011

It is what it is..So pay attention

This by no means a favorites list, it’s more of an inspiration appreciation..
Elissa Steamer elissa

Cara- beth Burnside Cara

Holly Lyons Holly

Nicole Zuck

Heidi Fitzgerald Hidi

Lauren Perkins

Trixie Trixie

Vanessa Torres VENNSSA T

Rose Bernfeld

Mimi Knoop Mimi

Lyn-Z Adams

Evelien Bouillart ellen

Ellena Hullis

These are ether women we know or have met skating as well as skaters that paved the way when female skaters were very, very uncommon!! Thank you.

Sorry I couldn’t list you all killin it out there!! But just know we SEE YOU and loving it;)

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Few and Far featured in COCA Catalog



Exhibition catalog from CoCA and Bherd Studios’ August 2011 exhibition of 13 Contemporary Urban Artists at CoCA’s Georgetown Gallery at Seattle Design Center. Artists include 179, Carlos Aguilar & KSera, Zachary Bohnenkamp, CASH, Duffy, Jesse Edwards, Hera, David Joel, Jesse Link, John Osgood, Parskid and Sneke.

250 copies of this book were paid for as part of an award from the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods “Small and Simple” program, and are reserved for free distribution to libraries, arts organizations, and other groups that serve the public and/or the arts.

You can buy a copy Here

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