Women Refining the Art of the Streets

We Love Letters Video




An Exhibition of Female Taggers & Graffiti Writers From Around The World.
Curated By MEME (FNF & CBS CREW)
Filmed & Edited By BAZOOKAFILMS77
Music By Marva Whitney Its My Thing
Location Oakland Terminal

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Salon 2512 Grand Opening

Join us for the Grand Opening of the newest
addition to Midtown Sacramento.

Salon 2512, located on J street is hosting a
grand opening event and art show featuring
recent works by Ursula X. Young. We will have
drinks and eats, and will raffle off an amazing
Davines product basket.

Salon 2512 is a Davines exclusive salon focusing
solely on the satisfaction of our clients.


More of Ursula’s work can be seen at
her website: www.ursulayoung.com.
She will have original works
and prints available at the show.

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Meeting Of Styles San Francisco 2015

Few and Far were recently invited to take part in the San Francisco Meeting of Styles, a weekend of international graffiti and street art which took place over four blocks in the Mission district of San Francisco. Spanning the alleys of Osage and Lilac from 24th-26th streets, hundreds gathered to give the alleys fresh paint. Representing Few and Far were Deity, Ursula X Young, Agana, Ksra, Dime & Meme who chose a 60’s psychedelic theme to give Osage and 25th some flower power, a nod to San Francisco’s colorful history.


meme 89






Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.17.14 PM


Photos by: Bazookafilms77, Ursula X. Young and Meme

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Wami Paint Festival

Warmi Paint© is an all women arts, and culture festival ready to launch in Quito, Ecuador this fall. A celebration of women street artists from Latin America who focus on; graffiti, street art, murals, and empowering others, especially young women through their colorful work. A group of local and international artists curated by Maria “Toofly” Castillo and Ache Vallejo that will include countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brasil.

Warmi = Woman in quechua, the name of a people of the central Andes of South America and their language. Women of all ages from this part of the world will create a new vision of themselves, nurture their community, and reflect a powerful message.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.27.42 PM

— Special guests of honor–
+ 20 women will paint collaborative murals, host workshops, and present their life’s work to the Ecuadorian community.

— International artists —
Anarkia ( Brasil) Abusa Crew ( Chile ) Bastardilla ( Colombia ) Fio Silva ( Argentina ) Ledania ( Colombia ) Lili Cuca ( Colombia ) Pau (Germany/Chile) Rank ( Mexico ) Toofly ( NYC/ Ecuador ) Tysa ( Mexico ) Vero Rivera ( Puerto Rico )

— Ecuador —
Belu Loops, Bln Bike, Chink, Crispo, La Suerte, Lie, Maria, Males, MO, and Vera.

There will be graffiti films like “WILD STYLE” by producer Charlie Ahearn,
“Street Heroines” short films by Alexandra Henry,
live performance by Qarla Quispe (Peru),
and guest organizers like Catalina Bobone and Romina Bianchini who will chat with us about producing events.

::: slideshow presentations, panels, youth workshops, pop-up shops, music concert and more! :::

The hop-on/hop off “Warmi Bus” invites the community to visit the mural process live at 3 locations:
1. Contemporary Art Center // 2. Universidad Central // 3. La Floresta.

People of all ages will benefit from this unique cross cultural exchange, and community building experience.

For more information visit our web page: www.warmipaint.com

This event is made possible by a grant received by
—- Fundacion Museos of Quito Ecuador —

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All City Queens

The book consists of 200 full colour pages and is A4 landscape. ALL CITY QUEENS/Big Cartel

cover JPEG

All City Queens promo

Featured in the book are Mickey, Queen Andrea, Lady Pink, Klor 123, Utah, Miss17, Asem, Claw, Ivey and Dsent, Musa, Akit, Vickie, Angel, Sany, Hipie, Reds, Merlot, Stick Up Girlz [ including: Sinae, Lady Diva, Spice, Fluro, Oche, Sax, Eire Gata and Shiro], Jerk, Ferkl, Zurik, Moa, Kween 897, Mrs Chy, LA Kyd, Mymo, Gurls love Vandal [including Bitch,Lady B, Crema and Mola], Female soul [ including Kyf, Fiber, Sax, Kiddo, Xenea], Chulas Clan, Girls On Top [ including Chock, Syrup, Lyns, Pixie, Bubs, She, Candie, Rez, Neonita, Poise and Sear], Bjae, Mali, Chil, Kwim, Luisa Herse, Dr. Jessica Pabon, Kat, Chixa, Yu Baba, Winkstyles, Ms Shyne,Tits and Tamps [including Cbloxx, Aylo, Throne and Oner], Lady Tyles, Kisa, Puca, Lady K, SGX [including Wuna, Forma, Miss Hope and Rima], Tsoup, Zaire, Minaw collective, Miss Veneno, Rank, Traumas, Ruby, Kat, Pamta, FewnFar [including Meme, Toofly, Kazilla, Dime, Jenn Ponci, Mavel, Ursula X. Young, Agana, Deity, Beth Emmerich and Ksra], Motel 7, Lotus, Nena and many more.

Theres are also interviews with Mickey, Lady Pink and Claw and an essay from Luisa Herse. Buy book HERE.

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“We Love Letters” Graffiti Show


Few and Far™ Presents:


Opening night:
Saturday October 24th, 2015 7pm-11pm

An exhibition of female graffiti writers and taggers from around the world. This group show celebrates the rebellious art form of graffiti showcasing international women currently pushing the limits with their individual styles & letter forms.

Curated by MEME @memersweets

Showing at: Oakland Terminal @oakland_terminal

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